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Small Business Spotlight: Tiffany Chimere Shoes, Inc.


Tiffany Chimere is the epitome of a focused entrepreneur with unlimited growth potential. At the age of “Forever 21,” Ms. Chimere has a stunning luxury designer line of custom stilettos, boots and booties, and canvas shoes.





What is your age and occupation?
TC: In terms of age, I’m forever 21 🙂

Occupation: I am the Owner and Creative Designer of Tiffany Chimere Shoes and the Creative Director & Operations Manager for Traci Lynn Jewelry

What is your definition of style?

TC: A particular look that draws attention to a group of people and normally displays ones innovated trendsetting quality.


How would you describe the shoes of Tiffany Chimere?

TC: Tiffany Chimere shoes are head turners. Every time someone has a pair of the shoes on, someone is guaranteed to make an effort to check them out. They are very innovative and definitely show stoppers. TC shoes are great for the everyday woman to the party girl. There’s something for everyone.

Have you any children or spouse (and how do they relate to your style enthusiasm)?

TC: I don’t have any children and I am not married yet…close to it 😉 My significant other is in the fashion industry as well as a professional speaker. He totally relates to my style and even helps me with designing some of the shoes.


How have you gathered your knowledge of fashion and shoes— from books, in-house training, workshops or somewhere else? 

TC: I’ve taken classes at FIT and I’ve worked for a jewelry company for over 7.5 years as a Creative Director. So I’ve had hands on training in fashion and in the business world. I learn well by being thrown into situations and then figuring out how things work, versus classes and trainings.


How has Tiffany Chimere Shoes been received so far?

TC: The response to Tiffany Chimere shoes has been incredible. I never realized that the shoes would be such a hit amongst all women. I think it’s because we provide a variety of styles not just bling styles.

 How many shoes are there in the collection?

There are 30 designs in the Fall 2014 collection

What are the prices?

TC: Some are as low as $99.00

Where can we buy Tiffany Chimere Shoes?

TC: Tiffany Chimere shoes are exclusively sold in 8 locations throughout the United States and on the internet at www.shoptiffanychimere.com


Mirrored Canvas Sneakers Tifany-Chimere

Mirror Mirror Canvas Sneakers

What / who is your inspiration in design?

TC: One of my favorite shoe designer is Renee Caovilla, love her stuff and how she creatively uses bling and glitter.


How would you describe your own style?

TC: My personal style is Bold chic. I don’t mind trying something different and that stands out from everyone else (mixing and matching colors, textures, etc.). I think that’s why I decided to design such interested shoes. Colors were never meant to match to me! 

Have you any particular style or shoe philosophy?

TC: I believe that every shoe brings out the inner alter ego in the person wearing them!


There are dozens of shoe lines — why should our readers choose yours?

TC: There are dozens of shoe lines, but there only one Tiffany Chimere. Our shoes take on their own unique personality and when worn the wearer takes on the personality of the shoes (I.e. Sexy, fun, playful, etc.).



Who / What motivates you personally

TC: I have my hands full, but my first motivation is to be a child of God and a great family woman


What other hobbies or passions do you have besides business and style?

TC: I love to travel and experience different cultures and lifestyles and coaching and mentoring young ladies.


If you had to summarize Tiffany Chimere shoes in one word what would it be?

TC: Funky



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