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pubmag April 28, 2020

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Bad Service. Good Service. Bad Food. Good Food. We are exposing it all. We have taken the opportunity to review the DC Restaurant Scene. The first thing we observe is cleanliness, food, and overall service.





We always have substandard service at Oceanaire. We dined at Oceanaire for un “Happy Hour.” We complained to the management staff because a patron was “holding” 6 bar stools. When asked if we could sit, the woman began yelling racial innuendos. We immediately contacted management and they were dismissive. When the  manger on duty came, he automatically assumed that the person being harassed was the aggressor. After several witnesses pointed to the actual aggressor, the manager threatened to “Call the Police.” The woman called me a “B*tch” and continued to taunt and be unmannerly for several hours. Other patrons complained about the woman throughout the evening and the bartenders said that we were “overreacting.” At three points, the woman came over to us and continued her drunken rant. The bartenders started laughing and apparently thought it was “funny.”

When we contacted the corporate office with a formal letter of complaint they were dismissive. When someone left a comment on Yelp regarding the incident, we were attacked by the manager when we returned. He said “I saw your complaint on Yelp and  you can’t come back here” Through referrals and dinners, we have given this restaurant thousands of dollars in business only to be treated as second class citizens.



The service at the K Street location is consistently sub par. The waitstaff are constantly on mobile phones and can’t seem to get the orders right. The last time we were there, I went to the bathroom when I came back to my table, my table had been reassigned to another guest.  I had been waiting for my food for 25 minutes. When I asked the manager what was happening. He said, “We decided to move you to another table since the other guest in your party left. They wanted to sit there and we did not think you would mind.”   Order take out. They do have great food.








Top notch service. We dined here and they were out of plantains. I spoke to the Chef and he found me some. The waiter was attentive, patient and hospitable. The waitstaff looked “clean.” All uniforms were pressed and tailored. We would go back there just for the service. I had the Guacamole


2. The Odyssey

Top notch service. This dinner cruise is awesome. The service trumps every venue in the city.

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