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About Peter Lik

Peter Lik is acclaimed as the most financially successful fine art photographer of all time. The Peter Lik gallery opened at the Galleria at Tysons II early December 2018. Peter Lik has spent over 35 years pushing the boundaries of fine art. A self-taught pioneer in the field of landscape photography,he has become synonymous with pristine images of cascading waterfalls, ethereal mountain peaks and peaceful desert canyons.

Peter has been shooting expansive scenes of Mother Nature his whole life. Born in Melbourne, Australia to hardworking Czech immigrants, he never took the gift of life’s beauty for granted. Peter’s catalogue of work can be traced back to the essential moment when, at 8 years of age, the gift of a Brownie Kodak camera from his parents set him on a course for destiny. Since his first, fateful snapshot of a spider web in the family garden, Peter has followed his calling to capture and share the most beautiful places on earth.

It was after a trip to the United States in 1984, that Peter discovered the panoramic camera format, a defining moment in his career. Challenged with the dare to “go big or go home,” Peter did both. For the next two decades, Peter would travel back and forth between the United States and his native Australia, honing his craft and establishing his prominent position in the world of fine art photography.

Photo Credit: Peter Lik


Just across the river from the prominent epicenter of our nation’s capital, LIK Fine Art Washington DC can be found at Tysons Galleria, home to the world’s most refined brands in fashion, dining, and cuisine. A combination of acclaimed imagery from both far-off and local destinations will provide this virtual escape a balance of indoor and outdoor beauty. An eye-widening palette of color explodes against a handcrafted interior of wood, stone, and glass, designed by the Artist himself.

Photo Credit: Peter Lik

Receiving his U.S. citizenship in 2012 was one of Peter Lik’s proudest accomplishments – a moment he relives with every visit to our nation’s capital. Just as rich in history as it is in structural beauty, the Artist plans on spending a “lifetime” capturing the visual embodiment of humankind’s desire to live free.


Photo Credit: Peter Lik
Photo Credit: Peter Lik
Photo Credit: Peter Lik
Photo Credit: Peter Lik

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