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Isiah Washington Vindicated


Isaiah Washington insists he was ousted from “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2007 over false accusations fueled by an allegedly racist ABC exec … and he says Shonda Rhimes knows it too, and has his back.

The actor tells us Shonda — creator and exec producer of ‘Grey’s’ — has “nothing good to say” about ABC or its exec VP, Howard Davine. He also says Shonda believes Davine should be investigated for his “racist, biased behavior.”

What Isaiah’s suggesting is pretty explosive. First, that the stories about him making homophobic comments on the ‘Grey’s’ set were lies to get him blackballed in Hollywood. Second, Shonda, the queen of TGIT, taking a stand against ABC says a lot.

She’s the network’s biggest content creator, and if she’s calling out one of its execs … y’know she’s pissed.

Isaiah says a whistleblower tipped him off to Davine’s alleged actions, and now he’s hoping the Time’s Up movement or others get on board with his fight.

TMZ reached out to Shonda’s office several times, but so far no word back as of 21 March 2018

“Isaiah was thrown under the bus for Patrick Dempsey”

Photo Credit: BET

Shonda Rhymes, Executive Producer of Grey’s Anatomy has not spoken publicly to defend Mr. Washington although he states that she was an advocate for a full investigation into the allegations.

Sheryl Responds to Mo’Nique

Wendy Williams Gives her Opinion on Mo’Nique

MoNique’s reads a letter she received from ABC whistleblower with evidence Isaiah Washington was fired from Grey’s Anatomy for reasons other than what was released to the public. Isaiah has always said that he did not call T.R. Knight a homophobic slur. Mo’Nique and Sidney spoke to the whistleblower directly to confirm the comments in the letter.

“Shonda believes Howard Davine should be investigated for his racist, biased behavior.”

Isiah Washington

Jawn Murray  Feuds with Mo’Nique

Jawn Murray took to social media to refuel or reignite the social media feud he is having with Mo’Nique. What we find interesting is the fact that there is constant rebuttal from Jawn Murray. Although he does not consider himself as a “Blogger” but as a “Journalist” we are still awaiting an objective perspective on MoNique.

 Mo’Nique Joins the Tom Joyner Morning Show

MoNique join veteran DJ and Host Tom Joyner on his nationally syndicated morning the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Tom Joyner is joined by Guy Torry and Sybil Wilkes. MoNique discusses Netflix, Jawn Murray and Amy Schumer.

Lee Daniels alleges Mo’Nique Blackballed Herself

Isaiah Washington knows what it’s like to be shunned by Hollywood … and that’s why he’s going to bat for Terry Crews.

We got Isaiah out at LAX Monday and asked him about the backlash his friend, Terry, has gotten after claiming he was sexually assaulted by a powerful Hollywood agent. Russell Simmons even tried silencing him.

Isaiah knows firsthand what it’s like to get blackballed — he went from being a star on the hit TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” before he was fired in 2007 for using a homophobic slur in an argument on set with Patrick Dempsey. It subsequently led Isaiah on a years-long drought without a major role on TV.

Isaiah’s adamant … Hollywood’s also turning its back on Terry and it’s horrible.

Isaiah speaks candidly about Terry Carews’ allegations of sexual assault. Terry is being victimized but not the person who assaulted him.

Isaiah Washington discusses HBO Film Blackbird


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