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Allegations of “racial profiling”, preferential service, disrespect and poor food. THIS is what her heard. THIS is what we EXPERIENCED –> It was a rainy night and two patrons planned for an evening of girl chat and chew at what is proclaimed as DC’s Finest Steakhouse.  As I recall, the “Grand Opening” was a showcase of Who’s Who in Washington DC and the affluent “burbs. Since the grand opening, patrons have complained and the reviews are not so stellar. These arrogant restaurateurs must understand that Washingtonians take their dining experiences very seriously. When it comes to paying premium $$$ we want it good, fast and friendly. It appears that the complaints are being ignored and they have a management team who apparently does not understand the value of hospitality.

The waiter was impeccable. Nosey BUT impeccable…. and NOSEY…. The chick at the hostess stand was unprofessional and told me that I was “late” as if I did not know. As I ignored her, she repeated her earlier statement but not before she scoffed and rolled those eyes under those fan “eyelashes”.She had the hair of Rapunzel, with a dress so short and tight; bit that is for a different post.

Located in: CityCenterDC
Address950 I St NW Suite 501, Washington, DC 20001

Hours:  Call for times

Reservations: delfriscos.comopentable.com

“Well, it’s said I work near by and there are only so much choice, I definitely would not recommend any of my colleagues or clients to go.”

Elva L. Washington DC Yelper

“I’ve always enjoyed DF’s but it looks as if there’s been a change in management and by looking at the reviews service is declining. This happens all to often downtown a very good restaurant will blow the public away with great food and service then it drops off and people have so many choices they don’t come back. It doesn’t matter if I’m spending 80 dollars in the bar or 280 dollars in the dining room I want good service.”

Paul W., Washington DC Yelper

“Then we ask for the check. Not a single cent was taken off, no apology, no nothing. We paid the 300 dollar bill, and walk out of that place for the very last time. This is a particularly embarrassing place to go to impress a guest, whether that person be a date, a business client, or a family member.”

Gregory A., Washington DC Yelper

“Had their bone in rib eye.  Worst steak I ever had at any high end steak house.  I had better steaks at outback steak house and golden corral.”

Kevin K., Duluth GA & Washington DC Yelper

“Not only did I wait over an hour & a half for my food while sitting at the bar; me and my friends was then profiled by the female bartender and her patrons who seemed to be usual customers that come there fairly often.”

Nik P., Brooklyn NY & Washington DC Yelper

“I have been to many restaurants affiliated with the Del Friscos restaurant group.  This was the worst service I have ever experienced at any restaurant”

Charmaine L., Capitol Heights MD & Washington DC Yelper

“One of our 45 Day Aged Prime Ribeye was NOT cooked to be “medium rare” not once, but TWICE.”

Natalie A., Fairfax VA & Washington DC Yelper

“NIGHTMARE!!!!!! Go to MASTROS!! Racist!!! NASTY FOOD!!! Waited for 2 hrs to over hear the staff making racist comments about the patrons. Sat caucasian couples before us and then told us “You’ll should leave because, it doesn’t look like y’all are going to get served” after we told them that we knew the couples came after us and didn’t have reservations and was seated.”

Keeta L., Bowie MD & Washington DC Yelper

“Worst restaurant experience I have ever had in my entire life. I am an easy guest.”

Shauna L., Waianae HI & Washington DC Yelper


The overall dining experience was overshadowed when a designer umbrella was stolen from the secure "bag check" area. Again, it was raining. Here is how it all went down. Arrived, checked the umbrella, the other guest checked her umbrella and her raincoat. The second guest received a claim check. The first guest told that a claim check was not needed. First guest asked, "Are you sure...? The hostess responded "No." after complimenting me on my attire and the umbrella. After the dining experience, we returned to the checkout stand and the umbrella was missing from the closet. The assistant manager, checked the camera and saw that I checked an umbrella after he and the room attendant asked me at least 3 times if I was sure I came with an umbrella. During the interim, I complained about Rapunzel.... The hostess that replaced Rapunzel referred to her as "ghetto" and said there were several complaints regarding Rapunzel. After two managers, a hostess, and two waiters, there was no umbrella found. I asked to speak to the most senior person onsite but not before a Black woman kept referring to me as "girrrrlll" and made inappropriate comments about race. Finally, the senior onsite manager came and asked my name. I told her and she called me by my first name and did not apologize for the stolen umbrella. I corrected her and by restating my last name. I am SOUTHERN and we initially greet strangers by Mr. or Ms. The manager scoffed and said "We need to review the footage to see if you brought in an umbrella". The hostess said "She brought and umbrella...I saw her. It was a Black, FENDI umbrella" and suggested that Rapunzel stole the umbrella. I accepted the manager's card and left in the rain. I called the corporate office. Spoke to a lady who referred me to the area manager. Never heard from him but received a call from the general manager who said he needed to review the footage. No follow up. I followed up and was insulted. He said "You said you had a FENDI umbrella, but you had a regular, cheap umbrella." I corrected him and he never replaced even the "cheap" umbrella he alleged. I sent several follow up emails and left messages. No more replies.

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