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Kathleen McLaughlin serves as the president of the Walmart Foundation and the senior vice president of corporate affairs at Walmart, Inc.  Walmart, the world’s largest company. She  leads corporate giving efforts and is responsible for the company’s global sustainability, women’s economic empowerment and food and nutrition initiatives. 

Work on the global food chain

  • Walmart merchants and sustainability teams work with suppliers on optimizing agricultural inputs to reduce greenhouse gas;
  • Walmart Foundation invests with grantees to train hundreds of thousands of farmers in emerging markets. Works to strengthen the food bank system in the U.S.
  • by providing food and logistics know-how
  • Foundation supports Feeding America and other organizations with grants to strengthen their programs.

Global Sustainability Aspirations

  • To be supplied by 100% renewable energy
  • To create zero waste and,
  • To sell products that sustain people and the environment

Women’s Economic Empowerment

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